One of the biggest barriers to success is thinking that the world owes us, that we are entitled. Entitled because we are: white or black,  young or old, male or female, disadvantaged or privileged, educated or uneducated.

Siphiwe Moyo is more than a speaker and author. He was head of learning and development for three JSE listed companies. He has seen people come out of nowhere to become corporate superstars, and others with the potential for greatness crash and burn.

It had nothing to do with their technical skills it all had to do with one simple thing that we all can do – Get over it!

It might sound like a simple message but coming from a man who grew up in one of South Africa’s poorest townships it resounded for me like never before.

Siphiwe’s not just inspirational, he’s funny, really funny!

If there was only one speaker I could put in front of my staff, family or friends it would be Siphiwe. Don’t miss his powerful presentation: This Thursday, 9 March at 9.15pm on CNBC Africa.