Are Smarter People More Prone to Mental Illness?

Why high IQ can lead to an increased risk of anxiety and depression.

A survey of nearly 4000 people from MENSA (people who have an IQ of over 130) has found that up to four times as many of them are at risk for mental illness.

The researchers believe that this is because the brains of very intelligent people are more excitable. More aware of their surroundings, they are more emotionally reactive.

In the words of one of the researchers, Dr Nicole Tetreault:

“A minor insult such as a clothing tag or an unnatural sound may trigger a low level, chronic stress response which then activates a hyper body response.

When the sympathetic nervous system becomes chronically activated, it finds itself in a continuous fight, flight, or freeze state that triggers a series of immune changes in both the body and the brain, altering behaviour, mood, and functioning.”

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