Double Your Chances of Success

You’re more likely to adopt a new habit if you do this.

You know you need to eat healthier, exercise, meditate or work on your business but you don’t. Most people know what to do but don’t do what they know.

Doing one simple thing can double your chances of following through.

A study reported in the British Journal of Health Psychology set out to help people build an exercise habit in two weeks.

The first group was asked to track their workouts and they were given material to read on the benefits of exercise.

The second group also tracked their workouts and were given the same material to read but in addition they had to say exactly when, where, and how they were going to work out. For example: “Every second day over the next two weeks I will do a 30-minute run in my neighborhood at 6.30am.

In the first group 38% of people exercised. In the group that made a written commitment, 91% did!

The researchers call this written commitment, an implementation intention. When you write down a clear intention, detailing exactly how you are going to implement, you are more than double as likely to follow through.

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