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1) Why I’m thinking of a having a sex change operation.


2) Feedback from Transnet, AVI and Bullbrand




As we celebrated women’s day this month in South Africa, I found myself wondering what all the fuss was about. Women aren’t another species, like the endangered African Grey Parrot, necessitating solemn tribute. If anything, I always thought the differences between men and women were overrated. Even if one of my female friends assured me that “Women are from Venus, men are from hell!” Turns out, she may have a point. There are some major differences and they’re not very flattering – to men.


– A man is ten times more likely to commit murder, nine times more likely to go to prison and nearly twice as likely to die in a car accident, (the next time he disses your driving just remind him who’s more likely to get home alive.)


– Earlier this year, women became the majority of the workforce in the U.S.A. More women are now managers, (perhaps it’s time we changed the word to: “womanagers”) For every two men who get a university degree, three women will.


– Women are better soldiers because they complain about pain less, (even though they feel it more). They’re better managers because they’re more empathic and communicative. And the latest research shows that they’re better investors because they’re less impulsive and risk taking.


Turns out Timothy Leary was right: “Women who seek to be equal to men, lack ambition.” Fortunately sex change operations are becoming safer, but perhaps there’s a cheaper option for the dumber sex – learn from women. Here’s my five step plan:


       1) To men, listening means: waiting for our turn to speak. But listening is the key to building empathy. Practice active listening. Once they’re finished speaking, paraphrase back what you’ve heard. This not only clarifies your understanding it demonstrates that you haven’t just been doing mental replays of Saturday’s game.    


       2) The biggest complaint that women have about men is that we don’t express our appreciation. Women are better at saying thank you. That’s not just sweet, it’s good leadership. The number 1 reason people leave a job? Lack of recognition. When you see someone doing something well, tell them. What get’s rewarded, get’s repeated.


       3) Ready to kill that guy for tailgating you? Take in a deep breath and think about the consequences. Your testosterone is telling you that you’re bigger and stronger, so is his. Blood is likely to spill from both sides. 


      4) If that investment just seems too good to be true, it probably is. Take a day to think about it. Nothing wrong with taking a risk but make sure it’s calculated.


      5) Write cute blogs about how much better women are. That way they might favour you when they take over the world.


Men have around 90% more testosterone than women, that’s partly why we’re more impulsive and aggressive. It worked for our cavemen ancestors who survived by tooth and claw while the women stayed at home caring for the babies. In a more civilized society our animal instincts are letting us down. Women don’t need their own special day, men do; with women gaining in education, income and leadership we’re fast becoming the endangered species.


In the new world every day is women’s day – happy women’s day!






Full day facilitation including “What’s your story” and “The Power of Connection”

Thank you for a great day filled with gems that you can apply not just at work but at home too.

Moira Moses: Group Executive: Transnet Capital Projects



Presentation: “The Psychology of Success”


Justin’s presentation worked perfectly in terms of the aims of the conference. He pitched it at exactly the right level.

Nana Stapelberg, Creative Director on AVI Annual Conference


That was outstanding, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of you.

Gareth Campbell, MD, Bullbrand


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