People Who Get Over Trauma Do This

 PTSD is Not Inevitable


When I studied Psychology the focus was on repairing broken minds.

We had a whole textbook called Psychopathology. One of the chapters was on PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These are the symptoms of anxiety and despair that follow a trauma.

Many people think PTSD is inevitable. It’s not. Only about 20% of people who have a trauma will get PTSD. But believing that you will, can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Whether you get PTSD or not, many people will eventually develop what scientists call PTG – Post Traumatic Growth.

In a study at the University of Bath, the majority of people who had undergone significant adversity due to the Corona virus, could identify many ways in which their lives had improved, from closer family relationships to deeper appreciation of life. These people experienced PTG because they didn’t just focus on what they’d lost they’d focussed on what they’d gained.

Nobody enjoys trauma, nobody chooses it, but we are capable of choosing our response. Getting social support helps. But whether we eventually go on to grow depends on our belief, an optimistic belief, not that while as tough as it is right now, we will eventually overcome and be even better off.

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Justin Cohen
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