Nearly 500 million eBooks were sold last year. They’re cheaper, faster and easier to read then paper books. I’ve decided to only release my latest book as an eBook. It’s the follow up to my last book Quest, Inc. and it’s on special for only $2.99, (about R30). In fact, for a limited time only, you can get the first book in the series for the same price. Go here to buy. More about the book:

Quest, Inc. Book 2
Self-Help Guru on Trial

When Dr. Jay Lazarus, America’s Happiness Coach, has been arrested, the reputation of Quest, Inc. is at stake. In the first story of the second book in the Quest, Inc. series, the characters are once again put to the test. Can Dr. Carter King come to terms with her love for Jay, or will she put her clients and Quest, Inc. first? Can Robert Rivera, America’s number one weight loss guru, maintain his own weight loss? Will Mickey find a way to deal with his obsession for Alexia, or will he leave the agency to build his property empire? Watch the Quest, Inc. team battle to help a whole new range of clients improve their lives, all while Huffington Post journalist, Victoria Holt, threatens to expose the truth about Quest, Inc.

“Inspirational . . . unputdownable . . . life changing.”
– 3Talk TV with Noeleen

Get Justin’s latest book now.

If you haven’t yet read the first book in the series be sure to check it out here: Quest, Inc.: Can you buy a new life? It is also on special for just R30.

What’s your quest?


“Thank you for a great presentation last night! So many of the international agents couldn’t stop talking about it this morning. It achieved exactly what we intended. – Corni Myburgh, Customer Executive, Pioneer Foods International

“Very seldom in this crazy world do you meet someone that is passionate about what they do and exudes that passion and drive to those around them. You are definitely one of those very gifted people who is as kind as they are intelligent and inspiring. I would like to take this opportunity to send you a HUGE THANK YOU for coming through last Friday, it was an afternoon thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and exceeded my expectations by far. My team, including my director, as well as myself were very excited and motivated after your captivating and extremely informative presentation. Your presentation not only covered all the aspects that I requested and more but I believe from their feedback that it also equipped them with the skills to be able to go out into the field to shake things up and make things happen and to get tough when the going gets tough.” – Bronwyn Da Costa, National Sales and Marketing Manager, American Piercing Systems