“Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.” ―Howard Gardner, Harvard University

For many years I have been extolling the power of story. I even wrote a book on the subject: The Astonishing Power of Story. If you want to grow your organisational culture, share knowledge, lead or sell and market more effectively you need to use the oldest most powerful form of influence, you need to tell a story. So it came as welcome confirmation when in London recently I heard Steve Wynn, the man who almost single handedly recreated the modern Las Vegas, describe story as his “ultimate competitive advantage”.

Wynn paid millions of dollars to train all his managers to do something very simple that I have been teaching organisations for years. Instead of using meetings to talk only about policies and procedures get each person to share a story about how they or someone they’ve seen has lived a value, delighted a customer or made a breakthrough. Immediately you’ll feel the spirit of celebration in the room. That on it’s own is worth the time. No one ever left an organisation because there was just too much praise and celebration! What gets rewarded gets repeated. When someone is recognized for their story of service excellence, they feel good and want to do even better.

More than recognition, each of those stories gives the rest of the team a model of excellence that they get inspired to follow. When I hear your story I realize that if you can do it so can I. Better still those stories shows me how. They provide a practical plan of action. If you don’t like the word “story”, if you find it too soft and fluffy, well then “case study”. Same thing. Best of all, just as Wynn found, if staff know they’ve going to be recognized for sharing a story of excellence, they’ve got to go out and live one. Watch Steve Wynn on his ultimate competitive edge

When you’re finished watching Steve discover more about how you can use the power of story in these short videos.

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  3. Put your best stories on video.
  4.  Run a story workshop.

“The greatest gift that a story has to give is the lesson of a life that you didn’t have to live.” – Justin Cohen

If you decide to bring the power of story into your business? Email me on Justin@drj.global I’d love to help.

“It’s wonderful to hear the stories that we’ve heard today … and how we can use these very powerfully as a leadership tool. Justin you’ve given us a fantastic tool. You’ve inspired us. You’ve given us something that we thought could not be possible.”- Annalize Van Der Waal, HR Director, Danone

Keynote Presentation: What’s your story?

Create an Organisational Bible


Capture your story as an inspirational Video

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