The Astonishing Power of Story

“This book has truly inspired me to think about all parts of my communication. A must for every leader.”
Brian Chernett, Founder and Executive Chairman, The Acacemy for Chief Executives, (UK)

Change your life, your organisation and the world

An American president watches a Hollywood movie about nuclear war, later he signs a treaty ordering the destruction of nearly 3 000 weapons of mass destruction. He claims the made-up story changed his mind about nuclear policy. A CEO tells a two-minute anecdote about Pavarotti that overhauls customer service. A man alters his personal story and changes his destiny. Taking you on an inspirational journey from the birth of humankind to the present, Justin Cohen shows how stories have driven the explosive speed of human progress and how you can use their power to change your life, your organisation and maybe even the world. ­

In The Astonishing Power of Story you will discover:

  • Why Stories are the most powerful form of influence
  • How to use stories to lead, sell, persuade and teach
  • How your personal story gives birth to your destiny
  • The way to think, speak and act out better stories

“The best book on the power of story out there. There’s the theory, there’s the practice but above all Justin tells a fascinating story.”
Scott Friedman, Past President, Professional Speakers Association (USA)


“…crackles with energy and sparkles with articulacy. Justin Cohen raises inspirational story-telling to the next dimension. As one of South Africa’s most successful speakers he is always worth listening to and certainly worth reading.”
Tony Leon, Leader of the Opposition, South African Parliament (1990-2007)


“I never realised how powerful stories can be. This book is a great eye-opener, not only telling you how stories work but why…I couldn’t put it down.”
Richard Mulvey, President, National Speakers Association (Southern Africa)