The Common Habit Linked to an Unhappier Life

What we need to stop doing to be happy

Have you noticed, this is life: you’re either in a problem, emerging from a problem or about to go into a problem! Sh*t happens. A lot!

Happy people and unhappy people have about the same amount of sh*ts so what’s the difference? What they do with it.

According to a study in the journal of neuroscience, obsessing about negative events, even small events, like a broken plate or bad service, is linked to far greater life dissatisfaction.

Happy people may still get peeved, but they let it go far quicker.

Here is a critical habit linked to a happier life:

When sh*t happens, flush it and move on!

That may be easier said than done. If you find yourself overthinking negative events, what psychologists call – rumination – learn how not to, by doing the Heal Your Mind Course on the XLife Member Zone.

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Justin Cohen
Bestselling author
Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee
TV Show Host & Coach