The Common Habit that Causes Anxiety

The thinking style of the anxious

Some people think that worrying helps them solve problems. A study from Yale University has found that that’s just not true. Women who worry a lot, are less likely to go to the doctor to have a lump in their breast checked out, than those who don’t.

Worrying becomes a substitute for taking action.

Overthinking such as Worrying, Analysis and Rumination (what I call ‘WAR’) is like a maze with no exits. You think you’re finding a way out but actually you’re just going round and round in circles.

It’s revealing that in Shona, the most widely spoken language in Zimbabwe, the word for depression or anxiety is ‘kufungisisa’ meaning ‘thinking too much.’ This can refer to either the cause or the symptom of the illness.

Scientists have discovered that over thinking is actually a form of avoidance that causes anxiety.

How do you break through the paralysis by analysis?

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