One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.

E. M. Forster


We talk a lot about passion in the corporate world. If you want to get ahead you’ve got to be passionate. But assuming we’re not talking about more office romance, what does that really mean? The word passion comes from the Latin meaning ‘to suffer’ as in the ‘Passion of the Christ’.


Why is a word, that originally meant suffering, the word that we use to describe what’s required to get ahead? Because, whatever great, big, hairy goal you have for yourself or your organisation there is going to be some suffering along the way. You’ve got to love the goal so much, that you’ll endure what suffering you may have to along the way. This week’s BigLittleStory is about a man who works at Tiger Brands, South Africa’s largest packaged consumer goods company. The story of his passion has inspired thousands of people in his organisation to discover their own passion. I hope it inspires you!

To watch it on Youtube go here. If you can’t get Youtube at the office go here and click on the TV screen that says ‘Fire’.


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Maxine Van Der Vyver, Senior Advertising Manager, Media 24, SOUTH AFRICA