This Is Why Most People Don’t Change

The Key to Personal Transformation

Don’t be fooled by what the ‘power of wishful thinking’ self-help brigade tell you. Change is hard.

Diet fads, get rich quick schemes and self-help miracle cures that promise instant change usually last an instant!

You know this from your own life. Don’t beat yourself up about it, you’re not alone! Taking on a new eating or exercise plan, spending less and saving, being more loving, or just following through on a commitment is tough.

Why do we struggle to change?  We don’t stick to the new behavior long enough for it to become a habit. Habits are the holy grail of personal transformation.

Until it’s a habit it’s uncomfortable and you have to keep reminding yourself. Most people don’t give up on their commitments, they just forget about them.

Habits put you on autopilot. You do it without even realizing it. My bet is that you didn’t need discipline to brush your teeth this morning. Why? It’s become a habit. Wasn’t always like that. When you were a kid you would have sooner gone through the day with halitosis than brush your pearlies. Your mom had to force you until … that’s right, it became a habit!

The thing is habits can either work for or against you.

What is the difference between fat and thin? Physical habits.

What is the difference between rich and poor? Financial habits.

What is the difference between happy and depressed? Yes, you guessed it, mental habits.

What’s the difference between being an a*shole and a cool person? Social habits.

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Justin Cohen
Bestselling author
Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee
TV Show Host & Coach