Thrive5 Frequently Asked Questions

1)    How long is the program?

       Thrive5 starts at 6.30pm on a Friday night and runs all day Saturday and Sunday.


2)    Do we sleep over?

       No, the program is held in central conference locations in major cities.


3)    Is there a money back guarantee?

If after the first session on Friday night you feel you are not getting value will give you all your money back, no questions asked. All we ask is for the return of your audiobooks and learning materials.


4)    Are there payment plans?

Yes, please speak to a sales representative on 0861 999 663 or email:


5)    Can I get a discount?

       There is a 10% discount for couples, students and senior citizens.


6)    Is this going to be one of those “break you down before we build you up”

       programs with lots of self-disclosure?           

No. Thrive5 is not group therapy or a boot camp. It is an opportunity for you
to implement some cutting edge life  changing principles within a fun and 
supportive environment.


7)    Are we going to be sitting listening to lectures all day?

While you will get to listen to loads of inspiring, life-changing content, you will apply the principles in the program. For instance, instead of just listening to goal achievement formulas you will actually implement those formulas and create a goal achievement plan.


8)    Aren’t those long sessions exhausting?

Most people say they come out of the sessions, exhilarated, energized and refreshed. 

9)    Can I do the speaker/coach training without doing the Thrive5 weekend?

The Thrive5 Leader training is only available to those who complete the Thrive5 Personal Power Program.


10) If I can’t make this program can I do the next one at the same price?


To sign up or for more information please speak to a sales representative on 0861 999 663 or email: