A man must sit with his mouth open for a very long time before a roast chicken flies into it.

Chinese Proverb


Your life is the consequence of the actions you take. Of course your actions don’t always produce the result you want. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. But most of the time, if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. The world is built by those who act. So what are you going to do to build your life today?





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(I will be interviewed on Leigh Bennie’s show on 702 tonight (Thursday) at 7pm about the Life Coach series.)


Unleash your potential!








Life Coach is a series of seven audio books each focusing on a different area of personal development. Drawing on many years of research, interviews and personal experience, Justin Cohen has put together a powerful, practical program designed to help the listener enhance just about any every area of their lives, including their health, wealth and relationships.


Most personal development information is in text form but the genre is best represented in audio. That’s because the listener gets to be motivated not just by the content but also by the tone and expression of the speaker’s voice. The other great advantage of audio is that people can listen while driving, turning their car into an educational sanctuary.




Want to change your life? This program will help you do it!


Prof C.R.Stones, Chair, Clinical Psychology Association of South Africa




For more on the life coach audio books go to www.justinpresents.com and click on ‘Life Coach Audio Books’. Alternatively go to CNA or Exclusive Books.