Books and Audio Books

What the Future?!

In Dr. J’s latest presentation, based on his internationally acclaimed book, WTF: What The Future?! Dr J. shares seven mental software updates to thriving in an AI world. 

We live in a new world of VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In Zulu,
Vuka means ‘Wake up!’ In your people will discover the three keys to waking
up to a future of their creation.

‘A magnificent guidebook to the future. A must-read for anyone who wants to be empowered by AI.’ Nadia Bilchik, CNN

‘One of the most inspirational books on the future by one of the most inspirational speakers.’ Scott Friedman, Past President, National Speakers Association, USA

Winning With Relationships

Decades of research shows that the single most important key to success and happiness is the strength of our relationships. Winning at life depends on knowing how to win with people. In this book Justin Cohen, one of the world’s leading experts on human potential, will show you how. With a combination of cutting-edge research, humour, entertaining examples and practical take-home tools, you will discover the 21 laws of influence to help you:

  • Attract high value people into your life.
  • Motivate people to do what you want done.
  • Prevent and resolve conflict.
  • Do the one thing that creates almost instant liking and respect.
  • Inspire people to realize their full potential.

“More than a book on relationships, this is a tour de force on leadership.”
Sir Eric Peacock, Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives, UK

Pitch to Win

Being the best doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the business having the best pitch does. Whether you’re looking for clients, employees or investors everyone needs to know how to pitch their products, services or ideas. Studies show that the number one factor in B2B buying behaviour is the skills of the person making the pitch.

Bestselling author, Justin Cohen’s 6-Step TTOPPS Formula has been credited with doubling the sales of some companies. With a combination of cutting edge research, humor, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools Justin will show you how to pitch to win!

In Pitch To Win you will discover: 
  • The number one reason they chose one pitch over another.
  • How to win without being salesy and by living your purpose.
  • The mindset of people who win the most pitches.
  • How to reduce nervousness and develop “big pitch temperament.”
  • Step by step guide to creating and delivering a winning pitch script.
  • The internationally acclaimed 6 step TTOPPS formula.

“A brilliant program for bringing in new business.”
Nadia Bilchik, CNN

Master the Ultimate Form of Influence

Change your life, your organisation and the world


An American president watches a Hollywood movie about nuclear war, later he signs a treaty ordering the destruction of nearly 3 000 weapons of mass destruction. He claims the made-up story changed his mind about nuclear policy. A CEO tells a two-minute anecdote about Pavarotti that overhauls customer service. A man alters his personal story and changes his destiny. Taking you on an inspirational journey from the birth of humankind to the present, Justin Cohen shows how stories have driven the explosive speed of human progress and how you can use their power to change your life, your organisation and maybe even the world.

Life Coach Audiobooks

The life coach system is a series of seven audio-books each focusing on a different area of personal development. Drawing on many years of research, interviews and personal experience, Justin Cohen has put together a powerful, practical program designed to help you enhance just about any area of your life. This series will become your own personal life coach, available to you when ever and where ever you want. Because it is audio you will be able to turn your car into an educational sanctuary using your drive time to educate yourself in the latest success formulas. When you listen to Life Coach you’ll be filling your mind not only with information to help you get what you want but also with positive, upbeat messages to build your confidence and self-belief. You can buy the whole series or single out the ones you want.

The seven Life Coach audiobooks are:

  1. SUCCESS: How to develop your psychology for success
  2. HAPPINESS: How to master your emotions and get high naturally
  3. GOALS: How to achieve great, big, hair-raising goals
  4. HABITS: How to use the power of positive habits to turn your life around
  5. HEALTH: How to get into shape and love every minute of it
  6. MONEY: How to master your money and grow rich
  7. RELATIONSHIPS: How to get people to want to do what you want done

“Justin electrifies his audience…he was the best speaker.”
Eric Peacock, Director, Academy of Chief Executives, UNITED KINGDOM

“I think the standing ovation Justin got says it all.”
Leanne Burrows, Key Accounts Executive, STER KINEKOR, SOUTH AFRICA