I have seen a lot of speakers and sat through a lot of breakout sessions. Justin Cohen is one of the most informative, entertaining and inspiring that I’ve seen. He is the key reason that this year’s annual convention was rated our best to date and the evaluations certainly reflect that. I would highly recommend him to anyone, anywhere.

Dave Goranson

President, American Society for Training and Development, HOI, USA

1) What effect is Justin going to have on my bottom line?

“Justin delivered a powerful message that will have a long lasting effect on our people. We are experiencing early returns on our investment with a clear increase in sales numbers.”
Raymond O’Neil, MD, HSBC, DUBAI

“After Justin came to speak to the optometrists, turnover is 54% above last year.”
Tanya Peche, Sales Manager, EDCON

2) What effect is he going to have on the audience?

“Justin knocked it out of the park! The audience was enthralled, engaged, laughing, and on theverge of tears at times which in my book makes a great presentation and a great speaker. There were a lot of a take-aways for the entire organization.”
Ellen George, Dean, Corporate Education, Illinois Central College, USA

“Justin is an unforgettable speaker! A year later our delegates still talk glowingly about his presentation. The content translated extremely well into Russian. We hope to see him back in the Ukraine soon!”
Nataliya Sergiyenko, Founder and Director, HumanTech, Ukraine

“I have never learnt or laughed so much in one hour!”
Receptionist, PROFMED

“I think the standing ovation Justin got says it all!”
Leanne Burrows, Key Accounts Executive, STER KINEKOR

“We really need to see him again. He makes you feel as if there is nothing you can’t do or be.”
Sandra Botha, Group Distributor, AVROY SHLAIN

“It has really inspired me, not only in the work place, but in my personal life too!! Thank you for giving me that inspiration again!”
Debbie du Toit, Operations Manager, EDGARS RED SQUARE

3) Are you going to bring out a standard one-size-fits-all patter?

“Justin really gets to understand what your organisation is all about and what you’re trying to achieve. Each time we’ve had him, it’s been different. He adapts the presentation to fit the context.”
Susan Webber, Brand Manager, HUGO BOSS

“Justin’s presentation was fresh, relevant and engaging. One of the things I like best is that he is well researched. You could tell he did his homework before he came to our event. He knew all about the group of people that he was speaking to and adapted his content to the audience. Justin is an incredible speaker and very genuine.”
Angie Houck, Director, American Society for Training & Development, USA

“Your sensitivity to our audience was remarkable. Our Eskom values are dear to our hearts and you brought a fascinating slant to them.”
Sagie Chetty, Information Manager, ESKOM

“We all, across the board, thoroughly enjoyed your presentation which you very aptly fitted with the rest of our morning’s proceedings. Many of our people will take away some key ideas, which will motivate them to succeed and make a difference.”
John Edmeston, MD, NETSTAR

4) How do I know it’s not just going to be another ‘Rah-Rah’ session that keeps them motivated for about as long as the applause?

“The employees still talk about Justin’s presentation. It was very liberating. There were a lot of life lessons that you can apply very practically to business.”

“I have attended many motivational programs over the years and one tends to become a bit jaded. Your program was refreshingly different. Our team is more motivated and empowered. It’s not like they’ve been motivated for one week. It’s been long lasting. It’s had a huge impact.”
Iona Minton, Marketing Director, FINANCIAL FITNESS

“Ever since Justin did his presentation, I’ve been quoting his stuff non-stop. It’s not just a once-off session that revs you up for five minutes; it’s got real lasting substance.”
Darnell Joubert, Retail Director, PLATINUM HOLDINGS

“Anglo American rang me and wanted a dynamic, young, motivational speaker. Justin was exactly right for the job. We had the most tremendous response. We sold over a hundred books. They’re still talking about him now.”

“It’s not just a ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ presentation leaving you feeling nice and fuzzy, and than the next day you move on. This is something that impacts on your life.”
Susan Webber, Brand Manager, HUGO BOSS

5) Some of our staff, particularly in senior management are a little sceptical of motivational speakers.

“Justin captured the audience from beginning to end. One person we had to impress was one of the senior management who is a bit cynical of motivational speakers. At the end of the day he was the biggest fan, he was very impressed.”
Vanessa Siegel, EVENT MANAGER

“Justin was not just motivating, he really got us thinking deeply, he was brilliant!”

6) Over the years we’ve heard many speakers, is Justin going to be any different?

“I was looking for a different kind of message. I didn’t want a boring old motivational speech. I wanted something more, something different … something that would make staff feel good, that would make them happy, that would make them laugh. I also wanted them to leave the presentation feeling motivated and refreshed. Justin’s presentation was exactly what I was looking for.”
Samantha Britnell, Human Resources, M-NET

“Eleven out of ten! Just what I needed to hear this morning.”
Ida Koegelenberg, Financial Services, SANLAM

“Very informative, entertaining, and extremely motivating and invigorating. Leaving you breathless and wanting more.”
Charmaine Marchesi, PRO, CATER SALES, BIDVEST

“Very valuable. Brilliant!”
Thornton Botes, Project Manager FNB CORPORATE

7) Justin may have had success in other companies, but what if I bring him into my organization and we don’t get the value we expect?
Justin believes we should only get paid on delivery. So he offers a MONEY-BACK GUARENTEE: If your people don’t give him an A-rating, you don’t pay.
8) How do I know which of his presentations or workshops to book?
Before you book Justin, the two of you will have a discussion to ascertain your needs and expectations. He will then make a recommendation on which content will best meet your objectives. In the mean time check out an overview of his various programs.