How to change your personality and be happier

Psychologists have discovered that it is possible to change your personality. A study in the journal of personality research has found that the three most popular changes people want to make to their personalities are to become more emotionally stable, conscientious and extroverted.

One effective way to become more extroverted is to act more extroverted by deliberately being more talkative and adventurous.

In one study, participants were told to act in an outgoing way for ten minutes. Even the introverts who did this felt more extroverted and happier.

Professor William Fleeson, who led the study, said:

“We tend to look at the external world for being responsible for our happiness — good things happen to us and then we get happy. What’s exciting about this is that it brings attention to the role we have in our own happiness. All you have to do is act extraverted and you can get a happiness boost.”

Whether you’re an introvert, extravert or ambivert (somewhere in the middle),  if you want to boost your happiness try smiling at a stranger, reaching out to a friend or just being more sociable.

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Justin Cohen
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