How your emotions lie to you

When not to listen to your emotions

New Age gurus love to tell us to listen to our emotions. There’s just one problem, sometimes our emotions tell more fibs than Donald Trump at a MAGA rally.

Ever felt stressed, angry or frustrated, convinced that it was because of someone or something in your life? Don’t be so convinced.

When we are hungry, under pressure, haven’t exercised, or haven’t slept, we usually don’t feel great. Instead of attributing our crappy feelings to our physical state, we are more likely to look for the culprit in the external world. Suddenly it’s our job, our lover or our lives that are terrible.

Of course, the external world plays a big role in our emotional wellbeing, but our internal state is even more important.

The problem is when we’re not feeling nice, we usually don’t act nice, which makes people turn against us, creating a problem where there wasn’t one in the first place! That’s when the lie becomes the truth.

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Justin Cohen
Bestselling author
Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee
TV Show Host & Coach*