Justin’s Promotional Material for Bureaus and PCO’s

Thank you for coming to get Justin’s promotional material. Please select which presentation topic you are interested in from this list of programs. We will then send you a bureau-friendly, one-page overview of that specific presentation or workshop. This will be a Word document with none of our contact details, enabling you to add in your own details and branding.

We find that demo videos are about our most important sales tool. Below you will find a list of links to a bureau-friendly channel on YouTube. This channel has none of Justin’s website details. One does have to provide YouTube with an email address but this is a specially created Gmail address that we won’t be using to either receive or send email. Still, it would probably be best for you to embed these videos into your own website which is really easy to do. If you need any assistance to do this, our web designer will be happy to help you. Alternatively, all Justin’s material can be found on the international, bureau-freindly espeakers website – Justin Cohen on espeakers.

Thank you for considering Justin for your event!

Bureau-Friedly Demo Videos


Bureau Friendly Video Page – Justin Cohen CSP

Justin Cohen CSP International Speaker – Highlights

International News Interview – Justin Cohen CSP

What’s your story? – Justin Cohen CSP

Story Workshops – Justin Cohen CSP

Justin Cohen – Award Ceremonies

Stories Move the Heart

The Power of Your Brand Story

How a Story Can Double the Price

Sell More with a Story

Trading Stories on the Stock Exchange

The Power of Your CSI Story

The Psychology of Success – Justin Cohen CSP

The Psychology of Sales Superstars – Justin Cohen CSP

Ubuntu: The Power of Connection – Justin Cohen CSP

Passion-Fired Service – Justin Cohen CSP

Leadership Inside Out – Justin Cohen CSP

Justin Cohen CSP – Motivation

Justin Cohen CSP – Testimonials