The Quality Rated Highest in Leaders

What do people most want from their leaders?

A Harvard study surveyed the teams of 195 leaders from 30 global organisations in 15 countries. Researchers found that what people wanted most was “high ethical and moral standards.” Makes sense. You could be visionary and charismatic, if you are unethical, you could lead me off a cliff.

2nd on the list was “communicating clear expectations.” Nobody wants to be confused about what the goal is.

Taken together these two qualities help to create a safe and trusting environment.

When we feel unsafe, the fight or flight response is activated by the amygdala, in the lower brain, depriving the prefrontal cortex (our higher brain) of resources. This reduces our higher intelligence and creativity.

In the words of the researchers: “From a neuroscience perspective, making sure that people feel safe on a deep level should be job #1 for leaders.”

Good leaders create safe work environments. This is where intelligence thrives.

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Justin Cohen
Bestselling author
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