You communicate, you communicate and then you communicate some more. Consistency, simplicity, and repetition is what it’s all about.

Jack Welch


When Jack Welch, voted Manager of the Century, said those words, he was talking about what makes effective leadership. To get and keep everyone on the same page, you need continuous communication. Why do so many of us not get the message the first time? Because we are inundated with messages, often with conflicting requirements. The most consistent, clear, repetitive message wins.


Even more important than what you communicate to others is what you communicate or allow to be communicated to yourself. Many inspirational personal development books and CD’s sing the same song. The more you hear their messages, the more you’re likely to implement them. The Life Coach Audio Books are designed to fill your mind with uplifting messages to improve your life. Listen to them in the traffic and turn your car into an educational sanctuary. For more information go to and click on Life Coach Audio Books. Or ask for them at CNA or Exclusive Books.

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