Double Your Confidence in Three Seconds

The most attractive thing you can wear is confidence.

Deep confidence is based on competence and belief. You’ve got to be competent in a skill to be confident that you will succeed, but you also need to believe that you can.

Yet no one is all confident all the time. Even the most confident have their dips.

A study reported in the journal of health psychology reveals a simple way to immediately raise your confidence, energy and mood. Posture.

People who sit up straight rather than hunched, report up to double the confidence. Some even experience higher self-esteem.

This proves the theory of embodied cognition, a fancy way to say that your physical expression and posture changes your thoughts and mood.

Physiology creates psychology.

We all know how important attitude is. ‘Your altitude depends on your attitude.’ Well, the word ‘attitude’ originally meant ‘posture.’ Want to lift your attitude and confidence, lift your posture!

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Justin Cohen
Bestselling author
Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee
TV Show Host & Coach*