How to Be Happier Than A Lottery Winner

Lotto winners get a big boost in happiness but it fades
quickly. There is something else that sustains happiness for far longer.

A University of California study found that within six months lotto winners’ happiness drops back down to pre-winning levels. I  know what you’re thinking, ‘Put me in that study and I’ll prove myself the exception!’

Here is how you know you won’t. Have you noticed that when you get a new car, house, outfit or even a new partner, the excitement fades after a few months or in some cases, minutes!

It’s the law of diminishing returns. Over time we get less pleasure out of the things we have. Psychologists call this ‘habituation’ or the ‘hedonic treadmill.’ We think we’re moving forward, but it’s only temporary. We fall back to our happiness baseline.

Now imagine you win the lottery. You have every material thing you want but you quickly get used to every material thing you have! That’s why beyond middle class, happiness doesn’t increase very much.

So how can you create your own law of ‘increasing returns?’ Gratitude. I know, sounds like an episode of Oprah, but the science proves it.

Once a week for 10 week’s, Stanford’s Dr. Robert Emmons got a group of people to write down five things they were grateful for. They showed a 25% increase in happiness that was sustained for longer than the happiness of most lottery winners.

When you give thanks you refocus your attention on what you have, re-sensitizing you to its pleasure. Think of it as an appreciation reboot.

Who is rich? He who appreciates what they have!

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Justin Cohen
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