The destiny of the world is determined by the stories it loves and believes in.

Harold Goddard


In 1988 when the minister of education was a man called FW De Klerk at school we were openly taught that whites were better than blacks and should be separated. After suggesting otherwise one of my classmates was beaten up, while a teacher looked on. Just two years later out of curiosity I attended a National party convention. FW De Klerk was now president, after thunderous applause he took to the stage and began to speak about how he had realized that we needed to judge people not on their color but on their actions. In a break-away group I sat with the then minister of defense, Magnus Malan – the man who had waged all out war against the liberation struggle, he was nodding approvingly as a delegate described how he would happily marry a black person.


I was astonished. I had assumed that a man would hang on to the same story for life. Around this time Nelson Mandela was also telling a new story, one that had replaced violent revolution with forgiveness and reconciliation, communism and nationalization with free market democracy. Change requires leaders with the courage to tell a new story.  But what about sticking to your guns, what about conviction? George W Bush has incredible conviction; he still believes on Wednesday what he believes on Monday no matter what happens on Tuesday. Don’t get stuck in an out-of-date story.

On the 18th of October I will be doing my new presentation ‘What’s Your Story? How to master the ultimate form of influence at a breakfast at the Hiat in Rosebank. (Details attached.) I will be presenting again in London at the PSA Convention at Heathrow. If you are in Johannesburg or London over the next month and would like to see the presentation, email




What’s your Story?





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