The success of your business depends on the stories your customers tell about you.

Justin Cohen


What do a Porsche Cayenne and a VW Toureg have in common? Well let’s see, they have the same chassis, similar shape, engine, many of thesame components, they’re built from the same blue print in the same factory. Oh apparently there is a difference the VW handles steep slopes better. I’m sorry I forgot there is one more difference, the Porsche is more than do uble the price. Why would anyone spend more than double the price on the same car? Why because we don’t’ buy a car we buy a story. When you drive a Porsche the story is: I am seriously rich and sexy. Even if you’re eighty year’s old, impotent and the real owner of the car is the bank. What’s the VW’s story: I am solid and reliable? I like value for money? No wonder that story costs half the price. The VW owners do get something else for their buck: ‘I don’t need to drive a Porsche to compensate for something else I don’t have!’ We don’t buy what we need, we buy what we want and what we want is a particular kind of story.

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