The most primitive way to try to look good is to make someone else look bad.

Justin Cohen


Let’s be honest most of us get a perverse satisfaction out of talking behind people’s backs. It makes us feel better about ourselves. But not only do we destroy their reputation (the most valuable thing anyone possesses), we show the person we are gossiping to that we can’t be trusted. If I’m talking behind their back, what am I saying behind your back?


What if you need to warn someone about a crooked business partner who they might be about to engage? To adapt a formula from my mentor Bob Burg in his great book ‘Gossip’, follow the ABC to know if you are gossiping:


A – Is the information you are sharing Accurate? If you heard this via the grapevine it may just be malicious gossip, if you experienced it for yourself it’s probably true.

B – Is there a Benefit in sharing the information? Preventing your friend from getting cheated by a crooked business partner is a benefit.

C – Are you absolutely Certain about A and B, if you’re not, you are in danger of being gossip.


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Until then, unleash your potential!





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