My life changed when I realized a man would risk his life for a blue ribbon.



A study set out to find the number one reason that a person would decide they no longer wanted to work in a company. I got to admit I thought the reason would be money. In fact money is sixth on the list of why people leave their jobs. The number one reason staff decide to hit the road is: lack of recognition. Because they don’t feel that their worth is being acknowledged. Money of course is also a form of recognition but that’s not what they’re missing. They’re yearning for some words of encouragement, a hand written note that expresses how much they’re valued or a big thank you followed by an even bigger smile. They want to know that they are valued, really valued.




If that’s what staff want, well guess what clients want? Surprise, surprise, the same thing. A study set out to find the biggest reason that a client would decide that they no longer wanted to do business with a company. For 15% the reason was price, for 15% the reason was quality but for 70% the reason was people, because they didn’t like dealing with the people in the company, they felt unvalued and unappreciated.




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