The Weird Thing High Achievers Do.

We’ve been taught the key to success is visualizing the accomplishment of our goals. In fact, research by Gabriele Oettingen, professor of psychology at New York University has found that too much positive visualization reduces ambition.

Our brains don’t sufficiently distinguish between fantasy and reality. Keep visualizing success and the brain triggers a relaxation response that mimics how we would feel had we really achieved it, and we take our foot of the accelerator.

More than visualizing goal attainment, high achievers tend to visualize setbacks. In doing so they are better able to prevent them or deal with them when they arise.

Books like The Secret told us not to imagine negative outcomes because that could somehow magically manifest them. In fact, this research proves that visualizing likely difficulties helps us prepare for them. Instead of getting demoralized and giving up when they arise, we take it on the chin and move on.

Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve is still important but rather use your imagination navigating the rocky road to success than success itself.

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Justin Cohen
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